Cruise Ship Jobs Look Great on a Resume

Imagine yourself five years in the future. What will you be doing? What will your resume say? Will you be working on a cruise ship? Or, will you have cruise ship experience listed on your resume?

Picture what your future employers will think when they read your resume and it says, “Worked on luxury cruise ship visiting worldwide destinations.” Having a cruise job will definitely help your career on land…that is if you ever decide to switch back after getting a taste of working at sea!

But, for the same reasons that working on cruise ships is an asset to a resume, are the same reasons why some people just can’t handle ship’s life. The hours are long…we’re talking 10 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be away from your family and land-based friends. Not everyone survives this type of schedule or can overcome homesickness.

On the other hand you will meet and make new friends with people from all over the world. You will travel to some pretty amazing destinations. You will grow as a person and as a result it’s not just your resume that looks fantastic. provides a number of articles in our Life Onboard section about understanding if you are ready to work on a cruise ship and how to prepare yourself. If you imagine yourself working on a cruise ship in the near future, start the process today.

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Summer Cruise Ship Jobs


It’s never too late to start the process of looking for a cruise job. Yet, contrary to what you may think, cruise ships have the same amount of passengers on their ships year round. As ships leave one itinerary they reposition to another itinerary, such as from the Mexican Riviera to Alaska. Crew members sign onto contracts for 4, 6, 8 or 10 months in length throughout the year.

The one department that does increase the number of crew during the summer is the Youth Department. Summer holidays means more families travelling together meaning a huge increase in kids needing to be supervised in onboard children and teen programs.

That holds true for all cruise lines that allow kids onboard (yes, there are some cruise lines that do not). Most cruise ships have year round youth staff (since kids travel throughout the year), but need to hire seasonal youth staff to handle the extra kids onboard. Many of these youth staff are teachers that are on summer break, university students on holidays or cruise applicants looking for a way to get their foot in the door.

Consider that once you sign on for a short summer contract, you just need to prove you can do a great job.  Then, you are now at the right place at the right time for a longer contract. On we have the latest cruise ship vacancies in youth department jobs as well as many other cruise jobs that need to be filled.

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Attention to Detail in Cruise Ship Resumes

It’s nothing new that employers want their employees to have an excellent attention to detail. Same holds true for the cruise industry. So, apart from listing it in your cruise ship resume, how do you show cruise line employers that you have this character trait?
At the very basic make sure your cruise job resume is typo-free. Proof read, proof read, proof read. Then have someone else proof read it, too. To take attention to detail on your resume to the next level, you need to use consistent punctuation and fonts.
Statements within your cruise ship resume can also show that you pay attention to the details. Phrases such as kept detailed records, balanced cash float daily, planned $10,000 party and stayed on budget, and organized activities within strict time constraints can all show attention to details for the job they are applying for. Just saying that you have an excellent attention to detail is not enough.
It’s the attention to details that may get you the interview, but it’s the lack of that attention that may hurt your chances as well.  You can check out the Getting Hired section of for more resume tips.

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The Best Experience for Cruise Jobs

Cruise lines are all about making money. It starts from the moment that the cruise is sold to the passenger. Then, as the passengers spend money on their cruise vacation, the cruise line tries to make their budgets and more specifically, profits. A crew member that understands how their cruise job is related to making the company profitable is one that is an asset to the cruise line.

What attributes makes a crewmember think about the profits of a company? For entry level applicants, sales training and sales experience is one of the most important aspects of your resume that you can beef up.

So many cruise jobs can benefit from a strong sales background, ones that you may not even think about. Of course, when you think of sales jobs on cruise ships, jobs such as Gift Shop Associate, Cruise Sales Manager, Port and Shopping Guide and Art Auctioneer come to mind. Yet, cruise ship photographers, salon and spa staff, bartenders and waiters should also have sales experience on their resumes.

Photographers need to sell their photos. Salon and spa staff need to sell beauty products. Fitness trainers need to sell classes and personal training sessions. Bartenders and waiters are required to sell beverages.

Cruise employers are more likely to hire an applicant that details their sales experience as an accomplishment on their resume. This highlights the fact that you realize the importance of the cruise line’s reason for being in business, and resulting in you landing your dream job.

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How to Start the Cruise Job Process

Once you’ve made up your mind to find a cruise job, then reality sets in. Where do I start? What am I qualified to do? Who do I apply to? Does my resume need adjustments?

Just making the conscious decision that you want to work on a cruise ship is a big step. After all, this is not a typical career choice. The next step is to start to get a feel for what cruise jobs would be best suited to the skills that you already have. Those that first start looking through the job descriptions are usually surprised at the variety of cruise jobs available.Browsing the latest cruise ship vacancies allows you to see which jobs are being actively recruited right now! Most have detailed job descriptions of what is expected from the applicant and many offer contact details of where to apply. This step will get you motivated to take another look at your resume and cover letter.Make sure your resume is carefully customized to the cruise job you are applying for. And, your cover letter needs to be customized to include the exact job you are applying for as well as being addressed to a specific hiring manager. For more tips on cruise resumes and cover letters check out the Getting Hired section.

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Finding a Cruise Job in a Poor Economy

Although many people looking for a cruise job may be looking at way to change careers or move up with their present career, others may be unemployed and looking for any job.The statistics are troubling. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 13.5 million unemployed persons in the United States during March 2011. In the UK, a similar story, with almost 2.5 million unemployed persons.The good news is that cruise travel has not slowed down. In fact cruise lines continue to build new ships while their current fleet sails with a maximum capacity of passengers. Consider that Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean employ about 110,000 employees between them, and that’s just two cruise lines!No matter what company you look at in the world there is always an element of turnover of employees same with cruise lines. The cruise lines are always hiring, always looking for qualified applicants. Browse our A-Z Directories to see just how many cruise lines, agencies and concessions that are looking for people just like you!Get your resume package together and send it to one of the cruise jobs listed in the Latest Vacancies. There’s no reason to sit at home being unemployed when there are so many jobs looking for the right person to fill it.

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The Right Qualifications for Cruise Ship Employment

Do I have the right qualifications to apply for a cruise job?  This is a common question that we read on the discussion forum.  The fact is that qualifications and experience needed for cruise ship employment are not set in stone.The best thing to do if you want to get hired is to take a good look at yourself and decide what you want to do. Second, look through our Job Descriptions section to get an idea of what the employers are looking for in an ideal candidate. Next, check out our Latest Vacancies for current job openings.Cruise employers are always looking for that perfect candidate, but even they know that perfection does not exist  job requirements are mainly wish lists. Now is the time to be confident in your own skills to be able to sell yourself in a well-crafted resume and cover letter. Highlight your combination of experience, skills and personality that make YOU perfect for the job.You need to deliver the WOW factor rather than just saying that you have X number of years of such and such experience. What makes you shine? Describe your story through your accomplishments. Why are you the best candidate for the job? What makes you stand out from the crowd?Although most jobs require some related experience and training, the right qualifications may equate more to personality and other intangible traits.

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