The Best Experience for Cruise Jobs

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Cruise lines are all about making money. It starts from the moment that the cruise is sold to the passenger. Then, as the passengers spend money on their cruise vacation, the cruise line tries to make their budgets and more specifically, profits. A crew member that understands how their cruise job is related to making the company profitable is one that is an asset to the cruise line.

What attributes makes a crewmember think about the profits of a company? For entry level applicants, sales training and sales experience is one of the most important aspects of your resume that you can beef up.

So many cruise jobs can benefit from a strong sales background, ones that you may not even think about. Of course, when you think of sales jobs on cruise ships, jobs such as Gift Shop Associate, Cruise Sales Manager, Port and Shopping Guide and Art Auctioneer come to mind. Yet, cruise ship photographers, salon and spa staff, bartenders and waiters should also have sales experience on their resumes.

Photographers need to sell their photos. Salon and spa staff need to sell beauty products. Fitness trainers need to sell classes and personal training sessions. Bartenders and waiters are required to sell beverages.

Cruise employers are more likely to hire an applicant that details their sales experience as an accomplishment on their resume. This highlights the fact that you realize the importance of the cruise line’s reason for being in business, and resulting in you landing your dream job.

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TheTravelAngel said...

Resume is a piece of paper that detailed the best in you when it comes to capability and personal achievements.. Thus, you must work it out,.


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business101 said...

I totally agree with you Travelangel.. Resume's is the best way to let your prospect employer know something skillfully great about you..

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