Inital Karina PT Indonesian Cruise Agency

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PT INITAL KARINA established as a company in 2003 and the over all policy by which it has always operated is to form a sincere and loyal partnership for progress in business. The primary function of the company has been to assist principals in the selection and supply of a qualified professional workforce of skilled candidates for cruise ship, tanker ship, container ship and cargo ships.

We specialize in the engagement of Indonesian crew for House Keeping Dept, Food and Beverage Dept, Deck Dept and Engine Dept, to work on the ships, where the integration of crew from many other nationalities required and understood by our applicants. In selecting crew, we research all background records to verify suitability and proper work related experience for the position before submitting them to a principal.

Contact details:
Inital Karina PT
Graha Cempaka Mas
Blok A-14
Jakarta Indonesia

Tel: +62.21.42803821
Fax: +62.21.42803820

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