Cruise Ship Vacancies: Follow These Quick & Easy Tips for Success

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Cruise Ship Vacancies: Follow These Quick & Easy Tips forSuccess
When applying for cruise ship vacancies, it’s vital your application standsout from the rest. Jobs in this industry are extremely competitive so a blandand uninteresting resume or cover letter is unlikely to get you anywhere.
If you don’t take some time to make your application get noticed, thenchances are yours will end up being thrown away before it’s even read.
It’s vital that your application actually gets to the right person. Unlessit does, it’s very unlikely it will be passed on, as cruise ship staff areextremely busy, so make sure you address it correctly to the person who doesthe hiring.
Learning some simple yet effective techniques can make all the differenceand ensure your application not only reaches the right person but also getsopened and read.

All these will only increase your chances of being hired for any cruise shipvacancies you apply for!
Follow these 3 top tips to ensure your application gets noticed!
1. Give your resume/CV a creative title
If you’re sending your resume by email don’t give the document a bland titlelike ‘yourname.doc’ or ‘resume.doc.’
This won’t capture the attention of the recruiter and certainly won’t standout from the crowd.
Instead name your document creatively, using a title such as ‘Steve Jones –IT Specialist.doc,’ or ‘Jane Smith – Experienced Beauty Consultant.doc.’
Alternatively, try using the cruise ship vacancy you are applying for in thetitle of your resume. ‘Mike Green – Gift Shop Sales Assistant.doc,’ or‘Catherine James – Internet Café Manager.doc.’
Use your creativity, consider what words will grab attention and use theseto give a title to your resume/CV document.
You will immediately stand out from the other applicants, before your resumeis even read, increasing your chances of getting hired for the cruise shipvacancy!
2. Send your resume by recorded delivery
All this involves is going to the Post Office and asking for it to be sentcertified or recorded delivery.
When it reaches the recipient, they must sign a form to certify they havereceived it, guaranteeing your application has already been noticed!
Ensure it is addressed to the cruise line hiring manager, so it is him orher personally that must sign for it.
This gives you a big advantage because all mail for this department getsscreened by several gate keepers before it actually reaches the hiring manager,so your application is guaranteed to reach it’s intended destination and getopened and read before any of your competitors!
This technique will involve spending a couple of dollar but it will be agood investment!
3. Use the Post-It note technique
It’s a little bit sneaky this one but is practically guaranteed to work!
Most mail received by cruise line companies is opened by an office assistantor a secretary, who is responsible for binning junk mail and screening theapplications for candidates who don’t meet the necessary requirements.
In order to grab attention, attach a Post-It note to the front of yourresume saying something like ‘This one is good! – J.’
Who cares who J is – the point is that it will get noticed! A Post-It notewith a message like this attached will mean the hiring manager will immediatelytake note and read your resume thoroughly instead of just giving it a briefglance.
You’re not deceiving anybody, so don’t let that concern you – it’s not. It’ssimply an innovative and effective method of self-promotion!
Use these tips when you apply for any cruise ship vacancies to ensure yourapplication is noticed, giving you an advantage over the other job seekers!
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