Major Cruise Line Around the World

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American Hawaii Cruise Line
The only U.S. registered cruise line (all the other U.S. based cruise lines are registered somewhere else) with American built ship and all American crew. The company has been created to cruise specifically in Hawaiian waters. Very much family orientated cruises (families with children and retired couples). Somewhat more quiet atmosphere without 24-hour entertainment and night-disco activities. Gambling is forbidden in the State of Hawaii, so there isn't any casino staff onboard. All other shipboard positions are available, but mostly to U.S. citizens (unlike all the other cruise lines which hire personnel from all over the world). American Hawaii Cruises is planning to built two new 1.900-passenger ships. The first is expected to enter service by 2003.
Luxury Cruises - Hawaii Cruises - Norwegian Cruise Lines

Costa Cruise Line
The parent company of Costa Cruise Line, the Italian based Costa Crociere was bought by Carnival Cruise Line in 1997. Needless to say that Carnival left Costa operating as a separate brand, preserving the style and the image Costa has created for over 50 years in the passenger ship business. As the phrase "Cruising Italian Style" implies, everything onboard seems to be molto Italiano, from the ships design to the celebrated Italian cuisine. In the past the cruise line used to employ all Italian crew, now days they hire personnel from all over the world, although Italians are in key management positions. It is fun to work for this cruise line with it's European atmosphere, passengers are also a mix of Europeans and Americans and the ships change their itineraries regularly (summers in Europe and winters in the Caribbean or South America)
COSTA CRUISESNo matter what travel destinations you’re considering, a cruise vacation is the best way to travel in comfort and style

Carnival Cruise Line
The Fun Ships"- that is exactly what the Carnival ships are. More affordable cruises, lots of neon lights, not that much elegance and formal atmosphere. Carnival is catering towards younger passengers and the main objective aboard the vessels is party, party and party again. That makes Carnival the richest cruise line in the world (the company owns also Holland America Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard Line and Windstar Cruises) which operate independently as separate brands and target a more upscale clientele). What can employees expect from Carnival? Slightly lower salaries and somewhat lower standards when selecting candidates comparing to most of the other major cruise lines. Carnival crew members are like their clientele, they like to party and most of them believe that the more "loose" atmosphere and the presence of younger passengers makes up for the slightly lower salaries.
Carnival Cruise Lines. Great rates on fabulous 'Fun Ship' cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and more

Celebrity Cruises
The main concept of Celebrity Cruises is to offer almost deluxe cruises at more affordable prices (something impossible at first sight), but the company has turned this concept into winning formula throughout the past seven-eight years. The cruise line introduced a new generation of cruise ships, representing classic cruising, updated for contemporary life style. Royal Caribbean International acquired Celebrity Cruises in 1997, but Celebrity continues to operate as a separate brand. One of the good cruise lines to work for, it offers competitive salaries and fairness to it's employees.
Celebrity Cruises - Voted one of the World's Best Cruise Lines by Condé Nast Traveler - Top-Rated cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Panama Canal, ...

Crystal Cruises
Top of the line company, offering glamorous cruising for upscale sophisticated passengers. Among the most beautiful and best designed ships afloat with diverse itineraries around the globe. Considering the type of the passengers and the high prices they are paying for their cruises, Crystal is expecting from it's employees nothing short of absolutely impeccable service. Crystal is the cruise line with the highest rate of returning crew in the industry and for the people considering cruise line employment, this is the company to work for.
Crystal Cruises wins ten consecutive years of Travel + Leisure's Readers' Poll for World's Best Large-Ship Cruise Line.

Cunard Line
Cunard Line has a long history stretching back to the era of great ocean liners at a time when the only way to cross the Atlantic was by ship. Now days with all the Trans-Atlantic traffic gone to the airlines, Cunard has to adapt to the new economic realities in order to survive. Changing owners a few times, Cunard was finally acquired by Carnival Cruise Line and merged with Seabourn Cruise Line (three of the Cunard's ships were transferred to Seabourn). Like any other cruise line Carnival has purchased (Holland America, Windstar, Seabourn, Costa), Cunard was left to operate as a separate brand, preserving the image Cunard has built through the last century. Queen Elizabeth 2 is the only passenger vessel offering scheduled transatlantic service (Southampton - New York) besides her annual cruise around the world.
Cunard Cruise Line. Enjoy supreme luxury with Cunard cruise vacations to the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Europe on the legendary ships Queen Mary 2

Disney Cruise Line
A typical Disney product, new innovative ships and cruises designed to please both children and adults. Disney is also offering cruises combined with three or four days stay at Walt Disney World as a package, which guarantees that the cruises will be sold out. From employees point of view working for Disney has always been fun and their cruise line is no exception. Lots of shipboard positions in the entertainment and children activities fields could be found on these ships for sure.
Disney Cruise Line. Take a trip on Disney Cruise Line and set sail on a dream.

Grandi Navi Veloci
no information available
Grandi Navi Veloci. traghetti per sardegna, sicilia, spagna e crociere nel mediterraneo. Orari, tariffe, preventivi e acquisto on line.

Holland America Cruise Line
When Carnival Cruise Line acquired Holland America some years ago they were smart enough to leave all the operations in the hands of Holland America's management instead of just repainting the ships with the Carnival logo. Holland America has established quite different image than Carnival, targeting completely different sort of passengers (more mature folks) and offering more formal and stylish cruises and service. The majority of Holland America passengers do not even know that the company is owned by Carnival. On the employees side, Holland America is paying slightly higher salaries, but they are expecting also a higher quality of service and crew members party mainly between themselves (considering the age group of majority of the passenger). Holland America is offering also worldwide itineraries, while Carnival is concentrated mainly on the Caribbean market (with a few exceptions).
Holland America Line offers world cruises to such cruise ports as Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Canada, New England, the Caribbean, ...

Mediterranean Shipping Cruises
The second largest cruise line in the Mediterranean, this company is a part of a large Swiss group, operating 85 vessels worldwide. Mediterranean Shipping Cruises has expanded its itineraries to the Caribbean, South America and South Africa, offering classic European cruises, Italian ambience, good food and service. Passengers are middle income European. We do not have any feedback from crew or staff members at the moment, any information regarding employment conditions on these ships will be greatly appreciated.
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Cruise. Italian cruise line operating in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line offers midrange mainstream cruising experience on modern cruise vessels with diverse itineraries. The company is somewhat behind of it's main competitors (Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America) and targets middle class passengers, mostly from the U.S. and Canada. Norwegian Cruise Line offers good working conditions for it's crew members and competitive salaries, but in case you could secure a position with any of the above mentioned cruise lines, it is our opinion that they are a better choice.
Norwegian Cruise Line. Premium cruise line with itineraries worldwide. Includes destinations, ships, new and press releases...

Orient Lines
The cruise line originated in 1991 with the purchase of the former Russian ocean liner Alexandr Pushkin, a ship with ice-strengthened hull. After two years of rebuilding the ship was renamed to Marco Polo. The idea from the very beginning was to offer upscale cruises for experienced and adventurous passengers to exotic, unusual places at reasonable prices. Marco Polo is the largest ship cruising to offbeat destinations on regular basis and one of only two luxury ships with permission to cruise Antarctica. The cruise line is catering to experienced, mature and sophisticated travelers (mostly from the U.S., Canada and Britain), who would come on the cruise more for the destination and ship's ambiance, rather than holiday-at-sea party atmosphere. What is this all mean from crew member's point of view? Potential employees should also possess good manners and have broader interests, cruise staff members can not expect to be able to entertain passengers with the typical mainstream-cruise-industry activities like line dancing, Island Night and karaoke parties only.
Orient Lines - The Destination Cruise Specialists

P&O Cruises
Very much British cruise line with more than 150 years old tradition in passenger vessels operation. Offering worldwide no repeating itineraries with vast number of ports. The company is catering mostly to British passengers, plus a considerable amount of Americans, Australians and New Zealanders, basically people loyal to traditional British cruising and manners. That fact should be considered by potential crew members, as well. P&O is the parent company of Princess Cruises, Los Angeles and also is one of the biggest operators of ferries, merchant vessels and containers in the world. An appropriate short description of the company would be something like: old money plus new money and a lot of both...
P&O Cruises

Princess Cruises
Indeed, a Princess ship (the Island Princess) was used for the popular TV series "The Love Boat" and the cruise line still benefits from that image among the older folks which are the majority of the cruise ship passengers. The company does not rely on old images only though, Princess is well known for great service, reliability and one of the most up-to-date fleets in the industry. The company also has a good reputation for treating well it's employees which explains the high rate of returning crew. It is our opinion that Princess Cruises is one of the most highly recommended cruise lines to work for.
Princess Cruises has distinguished itself by sailing to more destinations with cruise vacation specials to Alaska, Caribbean, Bermuda, Europe, Mediterranean ...

Radisson Seven Seas Cruises
Top of the line cruise line, catering to upscale, active, intellectually curious and culturally inclined passengers, accustomed to luxury and quality and willing to pay for it. Small ships with big-ship facilities, combined with personal service and intimate ambience. The company is offering quiet, destination-oriented deluxe cruises worldwide. It is one of the best cruise lines to work for, but potential crew and staff members must possess the appropriate appearance and qualifications in order to meet some of the highest standards of operations in the cruise industry.
Luxury cruise vacations from Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines include sailings to a variety of luxury vacation cruise destinations.

Royal Caribbean International
One of the world's biggest and richest cruise lines, offering mainstream, mass market, modestly upscale cruises on huge cruise vessels. Wide variety of middle to moderately high income passengers. After twenty years of focusing primarily on the Caribbean market, the company has expanded the itineraries to Bermuda, the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Europe and Hawaii. In 1997 Royal Caribbean purchased Celebrity Cruises, but wisely left Celebrity to operate as a separate brand. At the moment RCL has the biggest cruise ships in the world - 142.000 tons megaliners Voyager Of The Seas and Explorer Of The Seas. Needless to mention that the company is offering a huge number of shipboard positions to prospective crew and staff members. RCI is also offering competitive salaries, provides great working conditions and is highly recommended cruise line to work for.
Royal Caribbean Cruise Deals: Get ready for an adventure on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Royal Olympic Cruises
Royal Olympic Cruises was created in 1995 as a result of the merger of two well known Greek cruise lines - Sun Line Cruises and Epirotiki Line. Basically Royal Olympic operates the ships under two brands - the "blue ships" (Stella Solaris, Stella Oceanis, Odysseus, World Renaissance and Olympic Voyager) and the "white" ships" (Triton, Orpheus and Olympic Countess). The first brand is offering more upscale service to adventurous passengers, refined , conservative ambiance and style of traditional oceanliner. The "white ships" are similar in their appeal, but at somewhat lower quality level. On the crew and staff side, Royal Olympic offers slightly lower salaries than the well established U.S. based cruise lines, but the lifestyle on board and the interesting itineraries attract employees to this cruise line.
Royal Olympic Cruises. Mediterranean cruises - European cruises - Greek cruises ...

Silversea Cruises
Top-of-the-line company, all-suite, elegant small ships sailing worldwide. The cruise line is targeting the ultra luxury segment of the market. Passengers are very similar to those on Seabourn Cruise Line, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises and Crystal Cruises - very high income, refined and sophisticated travelers, they know and understand very well quality, they have very high expectations and rough judgment. Most of them are North Americans, plus a solid European presence, particularly British and Germans. On the employment side - the same story as Seabourn, Radisson Seven Seas and Crystal Cruises. Requirements are very high when it comes to selecting new employees. Whoever has the qualities and experience needed though, will enjoy the highest salaries, the most prestigious working conditions and the most interesting itineraries in the cruise industry. As the other lieder in the ultra-luxury cruise market (Crystal Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises and Seabourn Cruise Line), Silversea Cruises is one of the most highly recommended for employment.
Silversea Cruises. Journey aboard the Silver Cloud and Silver Wind, the two most beautiful yacht-like ships ever launched,...

Seabourn Cruise Line
Often called "Rolls Royce of the cruise industry" the intention of Seabourn has always been to offer the most luxurious top-of-the-line cruises on the most elegant ships to worldwide destinations to satisfy the demands of the most discriminating passengers. The ships fall into a special category - small enough to be exclusive and large enough to offer all the facilities of a large ship. All the passengers are very high income experienced and sophisticated travelers accustomed to the best, they know and understand quality and their expectations are high. Most of them are from North America, the rest - from Britain, Germany, Switzerland and all over the world. Reading the company's and passengers' profiles, it is not very hard to figure out how strict the requirements are when it comes to selecting new employees. Whoever has the qualities and experience needed though, will enjoy the highest salaries, the most prestiges working conditions and the most interesting itineraries in the cruise industry. As the other leaders in the ultra-luxury cruise market (Crystal Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises and Silversea Cruises), Seabourn Cruise Line is one of the most highly recommended for employment.
Seabourn luxury cruise lines for voyages to the Caribbean, South Pacific, European and Mediterranean.

Star Clippers
The company provides casual, active cruises aboard nineteenth-century clipper replicas sailing ships to unusual destinations in the Caribbean, South Asia and Mediterranean. Among the sailing ships cruise lines, Star Clippers is intended to fit between budget priced Windjammer Barefoot Cruises and pricey Windstar Cruises. Typical passengers are half from the Americas (U.S., Canada, Latin America) and the other half from Europe. They are active travelers, seeking adventure and off-the-beaten-track itineraries, not interested with casinos and night clubs. On the employment side, these ships offer limited number of positions. Casino and entertainment departments staff should be looking for jobs with other cruise lines. On the other hand, working on a sailing ship will be a blast for the right people.
Star Clippers. Discover in detail our sailing cruises in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Far East

Star Cruises
Star Cruises is the biggest Asian based cruise line and one of the fastest-growing in the world. Starting with two ships in 1993, the company owns ten ships at the moment. The Star fleet consist of three distinct brands: Star, SuperStar and MegaStar. The cruise line has bought many ships from other cruise lines (the former Sun Viking from Royal Caribbean, the former Golden Princess from Princess Cruises and even the former Baltic ferries Athena and Kalypso. Star Cruises has also purchased the luxury liner Europa from Germany's Hapag-Lloyd with plans to convert it to the most luxurious ship cruising in Asian waters. The cruise line is also building new ships, the first two are already in service - the superliners Superstar Leo and Superstar Virgo. On the employment side, it is a very good idea to try to secure a position with this fast growing cruise line. They are offering salaries, which are sometimes higher than mainstream U.S. based cruise lines, working conditions are great and for many people the idea of working in the Orient and the Far East will be quite appealing.
Star Cruises. The leading cruise line in Asia-Pacific and first global cruise line offers exotic cruises in the far east with ships based throughout Asia-Pacific.

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises
The line has a fleet of five sailing ships plus one freighter and supply ship (Amazing Grace). Most cabins have bunk beds and private facilities, but not much beyond that. Shorts and beachwear is the full-time dress code. There are not any casinos or any type of organized entertainment aboard. Passengers could participate in operating the sails if they wish so. Absolutely fabulous Caribbean itineraries. Very limited number of shipboard positions, mostly deck hands, stewards, cooks.
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, cruise with the largest tall ship cruises operator in the world. Sail a tall ship and cruise to a small island.

Windstar Cruises
This unusual cruse line, a division of Holland America Line and owned by Carnival Cruise Line, is offering a deluxe combination of sailing ship romance and the comfort and amenities of a cruise ship. The itineraries are also a combination of popular ports and off-the-beaten-track places. Passengers are from all ages, international collection of Europeans, Latin Americans and North Americans. They could have a different income, but they all share a common lifestyle - active, affluent individualists, who would rather not go for the mainstream cruise ship experience. A great company to work for, very competitive salaries, more relaxed atmosphere than on a mainstream megaliner and beautiful itineraries.
Windstar Cruise Line. Cruises with Windstar, Luxury Cruises, Cruise with the world's most luxurious cruise line. Small exotic, luxury sail cruises serving a private yacht style ...

World Explorer Cruises
The company is offering the most in depth cruises in Alaska in the summer and is a floating university for the rest of the year. Passengers are mature, well educated travelers, interested in a cultural travel experience and focused on learning about the destinations they visit. There is not a casino aboard and no jobs for casino staff, but otherwise there are openings in almost every other department.
World Explorer Cruises. Offers unique voyages of discovery, learning and adventure, sailing Alaska and Central America.

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cruise work said...

It would definitely be wonderful to work with any of those cruise lines. I would love to work and see the world at the same time. I know that the pay is great and there is very little expenditure for COLE. I do hope that somehow, people would be able to minimize or eliminate sea piracy.

Nova said...

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The crew or rating should hold the certificate if proficiency which is proof that, they have been trained and educated. For same owner have known the quality of Indonesia seafarers they employee items on repeated basis for a long time on continuous term.

ISO Management to ensure the quality of our manpower supply of our management team, we employ ISO Standard management system.

Best Regards,

Crewing Manager
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cruise ship recruitment said...

Those cruise lines are the best as they do give a nice tour for their passengers, they also give a nice chance to those interested to work for their cruise ship recruitment. This is a nice chance to give those unemployed a job. A chance to earn for their families and travel the world for free.

Sean B. Halliday said...

First off, I have to say that I LOVE cruise ships.
I spent over 12 years working on them as a Scuba Instructor,
Shore Excursion Manager and an IT Officer.

For 2 years I also worked shoreside in Miami as a database IT guy.

During my years on ships, I have to stay that many things happened
and that life is definately stranger than fiction on cruise ships.

Many people have asked me to share the stories I have collected over
the years, so I am complying with their request.

My site is:

If you had any stories of your own to add, please
send them to me and I will be happy to add them.

Sean B. Halliday

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