Cruise Ship Employment Scam !!

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Some of you have informed us about the unusual practice of some Malaysian companies or individuals previously registered in our directory of recruitment agents (they have been removed from the list). They require the candidates to pay for the service in advance but have never provided a job to any of them. Instead, they produce a certificate and email it to the job seeker.

We have a strong reason to suspect the employment offers to people who recently contacted companies under the following names to be a scam:

  • Shipping Planet
  • Salsa Cruise
  • Vigo Cruises
  • Starcruise
  • Transways Logistics
  • Mutus Cruises
  • Starline Cruises
  • CruiseQueenliner (Cruise Queenliner)
  • Canadian Cruise Shipping
  • Royal Cruiseliner (Royal Cruise Liner)
  • Skylines Cruise International
  • Pan American Cruise Corporation (Berverly Hills)
  • Hawks Marine Cruises International (Canada)

We have a reason to suspect their certificates are not issued by the Department of Immigration in Malaysia (as they claim) but are false.

Please consider this warning to be our independent advice and opinion.

Click on the image to open the larger version of it in a new window. We have used a made-up person's details on it to protect the real person who received this certificate.

False employment certificate

Bank Details

Several victims of this Malaysian employment scam have reported they had sent their money (registration, admin, visa and other fees) to the following bank account:

Account number: 4315363631
Bank Name: Public Bank
Address: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Account holder: Evelyn Laika Wirkom
Swift code: PBBEMYKL

Please make sure you DO NOT send any money to the above bank account. You will lose it.


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There has been a lot of cruise ship recruitment scams that I have read about. I think that this is not right but I do know on how good cruise ship jobs are so I guess it is easy for those scammers to convince people of their money.

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