How to Start the Cruise Job Process

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Once you’ve made up your mind to find a cruise job, then reality sets in. Where do I start? What am I qualified to do? Who do I apply to? Does my resume need adjustments?

Just making the conscious decision that you want to work on a cruise ship is a big step. After all, this is not a typical career choice. The next step is to start to get a feel for what cruise jobs would be best suited to the skills that you already have. Those that first start looking through the job descriptions are usually surprised at the variety of cruise jobs available.Browsing the latest cruise ship vacancies allows you to see which jobs are being actively recruited right now! Most have detailed job descriptions of what is expected from the applicant and many offer contact details of where to apply. This step will get you motivated to take another look at your resume and cover letter.Make sure your resume is carefully customized to the cruise job you are applying for. And, your cover letter needs to be customized to include the exact job you are applying for as well as being addressed to a specific hiring manager. For more tips on cruise resumes and cover letters check out the Getting Hired section.

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