Cruise Ship Job Opportunities

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Cruise Ship Job Opportunities

Cruise Line Companies came up with other ways to improve their service fornew and old passengers who loves to take a cruise to relax and pamperthemselves. As cruising is one of the fastest growing trend in tourism, theneed for more cruise ships and crews is also climbing. But with thisproblematic economy, and the price tag a new cruise ship has, which is more orless a billion dollars, would it still be best to build new ships?

Well, most cruise companies have other solutions for this and that is tooverhaul older vessels to make it look new for a fraction of the cost ofbuilding a new one. They’ve found out that renovating older ships are morefinancially sound for the company.

The cost of renovating a cruise ship is cheaper and faster than building anew one. Workers inspect, refurbish and repair ships from all of its sides andparts at a dry dock. It is a place where most people, even within the cruiseindustry has never seen. It may take hundreds of contractors to work alongsidea cruise ship regular crew to work on a cruise ship that can take a few weeksto a few months.

Captain Hoyt, a pilot of Norwegian Spirit vessel, says that “The capitalinvestment on one of this ships is enormous… Even if you have the money tobuild a new ship, the availability of shipyards and the delay in time for theconstruction for one of these is quite a bit”.

“The whole point is to keep the quality of the ship up and this is ouropportunity here to to do all the upgrades that will bring us up to the premierlevel of the rest of the fleet.”

“I think when the passengers come on, the overall impact will be that of anew ship,” Hoyt said. “That’s what were shooting for.”

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