Finding a Cruise Job in a Poor Economy

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Although many people looking for a cruise job may be looking at way to change careers or move up with their present career, others may be unemployed and looking for any job.The statistics are troubling. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 13.5 million unemployed persons in the United States during March 2011. In the UK, a similar story, with almost 2.5 million unemployed persons.The good news is that cruise travel has not slowed down. In fact cruise lines continue to build new ships while their current fleet sails with a maximum capacity of passengers. Consider that Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean employ about 110,000 employees between them, and that’s just two cruise lines!No matter what company you look at in the world there is always an element of turnover of employees same with cruise lines. The cruise lines are always hiring, always looking for qualified applicants. Browse our A-Z Directories to see just how many cruise lines, agencies and concessions that are looking for people just like you!Get your resume package together and send it to one of the cruise jobs listed in the Latest Vacancies. There’s no reason to sit at home being unemployed when there are so many jobs looking for the right person to fill it.

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