Phishing Scams and Online Cruise Ship Applications

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Do you really know where your personal information goes when you enter it into an online cruise ship applications?A rule of thumb for cruise applicants is to only share their personal data with the official cruise line websites, official hiring partners for the cruise lines and concessions that you are positive represent a particular cruise job.Other than that, job applicants must be super careful. Many websites promise to post your resume into their data base for cruise line hiring managers to access. Yet, the cruise lines do not look at any of these data bases. So what happens with your information?Since personal data is routinely sold to “spammers”, you could be setting yourself up for some new unwanted emails.Since Google searches aren’t entirely reliable when it comes to finding the correct official sites. How do you know which sites are legit and which ones are frauds.For reliable contact information for cruise lines, agencies and concessions, offers its members the A-Z Directories of extensive cruise job contact information.

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