Why You Haven’t Been Hired for a Cruise Job

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So you’ve sent out a ton of resumes. You’ve followed our advice about sending out customized cover letters and targeted resumes to the right hiring manager. Yet, you are still looking for a cruise job.One of the biggest mistakes cruise applicants make during the application process is that they fail to follow-up or follow up correctly. The fact is those that consistently and persistently follow up are the applicants that get the cruise jobs.WorkOnCruiseShips.com has plenty of resources that will assist you with follow-up techniques that work! The bottom line is that you need to be proactive and have a follow up plan ready to go. Don’t wait around expecting hiring managers to contact you.Once you have determined that you have sent your resume to the right person, you need to reapply every three or four weeks until you get a response. Change the cover letter slightly and with each follow-up email, list the dates that you previously applied.Even if you get a negative response, don’t give up. Send a thank you email, thanking the person for considering your resume. Always take note of any person you speak with or that emails you. Above all, don’t let your frustrations and impatience come out in your follow up emails.Keeping your name in front of who you are applying to through effective follow up will definitely increase your chances of landing your dream job on a cruise ship!

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